DOC(K)S 66 wish to respect some key principles, both in its activity of production and distribution:

Cinema is an eye opened on the world. ” [Joseph Bédier’s quotation]

Our work of production and distribution wants to be sensitive to projects from all over the world, to national and international subjects: as we live in a world getting more and more globalized, it is fundamental to look beyond our national borders both in the process of production of the films and the subjects tackled. According to us, talent has no borders!

Determinedly turned to the actual and future world

DOC(K)S 66 wish to place its editorial line around contemporary problems, and so to offer the public works, which they can use in their understanding and analysis of the world.

The creativity and the genius can only bloom in an environment which respects individuality and celebrates the diversity. ” [Tom Alexander’s quotation]

DOC(K)S 66 wants to defend singular glances, asserted points of view, plural writings and original formats. Films of societal observation, films of investigation or films of discovery in its widest meaning will feed the catalogue of DOC(K)S 66 and will create an editorial balance, allowing to work with a wide panel of broadcasters.

Any age carries its fruits, it is necessary to know how to pick them ” [quotation of Raymond Radiguet Le Bal of the count of Orgel]

DOC(K)S 66 wants to give a chance young directors and technicians, but also to enable them to work with more experienced directors. We think that what matters is not so much the age, but the desire, the work and the talent.

We conceive films as citizen actions, which have their role to play in our society

Allow authors-directors to express singular points of view, to inform, to arouse some debate, the reflection with the largest number. According to us, a film is made to be seen, discussed. The major aim of DOC(K)S 66 will be to distribute and to spread films using any possible media and showing them in all the possible places of exhibition, and will keep on developing new partnerships both with television and with partners stemming from other sectors of distribution.

Working ethics

Because a film is above all a collective adventure, DOC(K)S 66 will try to optimize a respectful teamwork and value the rights and know-how of every person participating in the project. The dialogue within the team, the honesty and the rigor of each, the sense of the collective objective, will be our daily lines of conduct. It is for us the best guarantee to develop the loyalty of our associates and partners.