Ceuta douce prison - Affiche

Ceuta, Prison by the sea

  • Directed by: Jonathan Millet and Loic H.Rechi
  • Duration:  90′
  • Producer: Zaradoc Film
  • National release: January 29, 2014


« Ceuta, prison by the sea » tells the paths of five migrants in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, Northern Morocco. They have left everything they had to try their luck into Europe only to find themselves locked up in an open sky prison, at the gates of Europe. They cope with both the hope of obtaining a pass and the fear of being deported to their countries.

In this film we mean to tell the story of migration, to tell about the invisible North-South frontier and about through other eyes, those of the migrants who are blocked at its doors and fantasize about a Europe they have never seen. For weeks, we walked in the steps of our characters to share and feel what their daily life, their doubts and hopes were, to understand the dream of Europe as perceived through their eyes, through strictly human takes.

Our point was to plunge the onlooker into this open-air prison, along with Iqbal, Marius, Simon and Nur, immerging him subjectively without ever stopping, with no voice-over or added commentary.

Technical Summary

  • Title: Ceuta, Prison by the sea
  • Production year: 2014
  • Country of production: France
  • Durations: 90'
  • HD & 16mm - 16/9 - Color - 5.1
  • Languages: Bassa / Hindi / Arabe / Somali / Bamiléké / Français/ Anglais / Espagnol
  • Versions available: French, English, Spanish
  • Written and directed by: Jonathan Millet & Loic H.Rechi
  • Image: Jonathan Millet
  • Sound: Mikael Kandelman
  • Editing: Matthieu Augustin
  • Editing assistant: Afsaneh Salari
  • Original music: Wissam Hojeij
  • Calibration: Steven Le Guellec
  • Subtitles: Ramdanes Manaï / Arte Studio
  • Poster: Clara Guillaud
  • Production: ZARADOC Films - Yves Billon
  • Distribution: DOCKS 66
  • Press: MAKNA PRESSE - Chloé Lorenzi & Audrey Grimaud
  • Visa number: 138 626
  • ISAN number: 0000-0003-25EE-0000-F-0000-0000-T


Ceuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prisonCeuta douce prison - Copyright Clara Huillaud