Je suis le peuple - Affiche 450 x 600

I Am the People

  • Directed by Anna ROUSSILLON 
  • Duration: 111 ‘
  • National release: January 13, 2016


As the Egyptian people rise up in Tahrir Square, a rural community in the Nile valley follows the revolution on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Intimately shot over the three year period from the overthrow of Mubarak to the fall of Morsi, we are shown an alternate view of the revolution through the eyes of Farraj, his family, and friends as they make sense of and debate national politics. Through the experiences and voices of a community in the periphery, I Am the People presents a complex picture of the struggle for democracy in Egypt.

Technical Summary

  • Original title:  Je suis le peuple - انا الشعب
  • International title: I am the people
  • Country of production: France
  • Production year: 2014
  • Duration: 1h51
  • Picture Size 1.85 - Color - Sound Format 5.1
  • Arabic VO, French and English subtitles
  • Director, Image, Sound: Anna Roussillon
  • Editing: Saskia Berthod, Chantal Piquet
  • Additional sound: Térence Meunier
  • Sound Editing and Mixing: Jean-Charles Bastion
  • Calibration: Alexandre Sadowsky
  • Production:  HAUTLESMAINS PRODUCTIONS (Karim Aitouna, Thomas Micoulet) & NARRATIO MOVIES (Malik Menaï)
  • Distribution: DOCKS 66 - Aleksandra Cheuvreux and Violaine Harchin
  • Partnerships: Marie-Anne Somda
  • Press: Jean-Bernard Emery
  • With the support of GNCR and ACID


Je suis le Peuple - Affiche


I am the People from DOC(K)S 66 on Vimeo.


Je suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le PeupleJe suis le Peuple


  • ACID Selection, Cannes 2015

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