Je ne me souviens de rien - Collage

I remember nothing

  • Directed by : Diane Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Time : 59′
  • Produced by : Triptyque films


January 2011 : the revolution bursts in Tunisia, my father’s country. The Tunisian people scream in a rage and I, here in Paris, can feel their revolt vibrating in my heart.I am experiencing an intense manic episode, so intense that I am left almost entirely amnesiac. I am diagnosed bipolar and have to live with this black-out.

5 years later, I discover hundreds of videos I directed at the time, hundreds of photographs I took, two notebooks full of writings and drawings, all these precious pieces of the unsolved puzzle of my memory. These documents show the reality of my month-long stay in a psychiatric clinic and the few weeks that preceded. The project of the film : to recover my memory.

Technical Summary

  • Director : Diane Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Written by : Diane Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Production year : 2017
  • Time : 59'
  • Format : 16/9 - HD
  • Image : Diane Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Sound : Diane Sara Bouzgarrou
  • Editor :  Agnès Bruckert
  • Original music : Joshua Hyde
  • Distribution : DOCKS 66 & Ubuntu culture



• Selected at the 35th Torino Film Festival - from the 24th november to the 2nd décembre 2017
• Selected at the 5th International meetings of arabic cinemas (Marseille) - from the 21st to the 26th of november 2017
• Selected at the RIDM  - Short and medium-length international competition – from the 9th to the 19th of november 2017
• Selected at the Festival Les Écrans Documentaires - from the 8th to the 14th of november 2017
• Selected to the 21e Jihlava International Documentary Film festival - from the 24th of the 29th of october 2017
• Selected at the États généraux du film documentaire of Lussas (07) - august 2017
• 26th Festival Côté court (Pantin) - Panorama section – june 2017
• Selected at the Psy Festival of Lorquin - june 2017
• The Cinéma du Réel Paris festival - French competition - Special mention of the Young Jury - march 2017

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