A turning tide in the life of man

Des lois et des hommes - Affiche 450 x 600 

  • Directed by: Loïc Jourdain
  • Duration: 106 ‘
  • Produced by Lugh Films in co-production with Idée Originale (France), South Wind Blows LTD (Ireland), France 3 Corse Via Stella & The Irish Film Board





On the Irish island of Inishboffin, there are fishermen from father to son. So, when a new EU regulation deprives John O'Brien of his ancestral way of like, he takes the lead in a crusade to assert the simple right of indigenous peoples to live off their traditional resources. Federating NGOs, fishermen from all over Europe and ordinary citizens, John will brave the industrial lobbies for 8 years and prove, from Donegal coasts to the corridors of Brussels, that another Europe is possible.

Technical Summary

  • Title: Des lois et des hommes
  • International title: A turning tide in the life of man
  • Director: Loïc Jourdain
  • Production year: 2014
  • Duration: 106 '
  • Format: 16/9 - HD
  • Image: Tristan Clamorgan & Loïc Jourdain
  • Sound: Guillaume Beauron, Pelligrini Matteo, Ed Humm & Seán de Brún
  • Editing: Mirjam Strugalla
  • Mixing: Garret Farrel & Peter Blayney
  • Calibration: Eugene Mc Crystal
  • Original music: Guillaume Beauron
  • Distribution: DOCKS 66 & Ubuntu Culture
  • Partnership: Irène Oger
  • Programmation: Jérémie Pottier-Grossman
  • Press: Stanislas Baudry
  • Visa number: 147.528


Des lois et des hommes - Affiche 450 x 600



Des lois et des hommesDes lois et des hommes - John et ses filsDes lois et des hommes - John et sa filleDes lois et des hommesDes lois et des hommes


  • Fishermen's World Festival (Lorient, France, 2017) - Grand Prix
  • Documentary Film Festival Traces de Vies (France, 2015) - Special Jury Mention
  • Island International Film Festival of Groix (France, 2015) - Grand Prix or Île d'Or
  • Derry Documentary Film Festival (Northern Ireland, 2015) - Jury Special Mention
  • Millennium, International Documentary Festival (Brussels, 2015)
  • Amazing Travelers Festival (St Malo, 2015)
  • European Arcs Film Festival (2014)
  • Galway Film Festival Competition
  • Selection Palic Film Festival (Serbia)
  • Competition, Bled Film Festival (Slovenia)
  • The IFI Documentary Film Festival (Ireland)
  • Guth Gafa Documentary Film Festival (Ireland)
  • Jury Award, the Rural Film Festival Festi'vache, cinematographic meetings on the rural world (2016)
  • CIRCOM 2016 Best Documentary Award (Bulgaria)
  • Best Film Naming, Oireachtas na Gaelige Media Awards 2016
  • European CIRCOM Award, Best Documentary 2016
  • HIFF 2016 (Scotland)
  • Dating AD Hoc (France)

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