Marta and Karina

Marta et Karina

  • Directed by: Philippe Crnogorac
  • Duration: 69 ‘
  • Produced by Iskra & the IRD


In the bedroom of Marta and Karina, the men file through. No change of clothes, a fabric quickly pulled on the window, a sheet thrown on the bed: negotiations and passes are like a passing in the daily activities. 

It is in the gap of before and after that this film follows. Their dignified and precise voice draws, sometimes with gravity, sometimes with humor, the contours of their life and their work, which, between choice and necessity, allows them to access social and financial autonomy.

Technical Summary

  • Director: Philippe Crnogorac
  • Writing: Philippe Crnogorac Pascale Absi
  • Production year: 2015
  • Duration: 69'
  • Format: 16/9 - HD
  • Picture: Philippe Crnogorac
  • Sound: Pascale Absi
  • Editing: Virginie Véricourt
  • Original music: Emmanuel Blanc
  • Distribution: Docks 66 Ubuntu Culture



Marta et KarinaMarta et KarinaMarta et KarinaMarta et KarinaMarta et Karina


  • 39th Douarnenez Film Festival - 2015
  • 28th Cinélatino Meetings - Toulouse - 2016