Mounana le bruit de l'héritage - La rivière Mitembe

Mounana: The invisible wounds

  • Directing: Eric Michel
  • Duration: 52′
  • Grants : Procirep


In Gabon, 10 years after the closure of its mines, Mounana has become a ghost city. At this latitude, the nature has swept away man's efforts to build the city.

In the 1950's, France had decided to exploit Mounana's uranium and had strategically built that modern and wealthy town from scratch, far from the capital, Libreville. For half a century the French and the Gabonese worked hand in hand to develop this nuclear city, strongly believing they were building up the future. But the sudden drop of the materials market led the French to give up the exploitation of the mine and today, the place is back to what it used to be: a village.

While the inhabitants wander in disbelief among the industrial and hazardous ruins and worry about their future, two men stand up ; Moses, the spokesman of the former miners, and Vincent, the newly appointed chief of the mines.