Vietnam Paradiso - Affiche 1131 x 1600

Vietnam Paradiso

  • Directed by Julien Lahmi & Ali Benkirane
  • Duration: 52
  • Release: September 18, 2013


Julien was born in Paris. His mother was born in Hanoi and his grand-mother is the grandchild of a mixed-race person. At the age of 20, Julien suddenly feels the strongest need to reconnect with his mother’s origins, though they are very distant. Driven by his love for cinema, he sets up a travelling cinema in Vietnam, with a small crew. They travel in a van through Vietnam from South to North to set up screenings and animated movies creation sessions in orphanages

Technical Summary

  • Original title: Vietnam Paradiso
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Times: 66 'and 52'
  • Production year: 2001
  • Filming formats: DV and Super8
  • Sound: stereo
  • Country of production: France
  • Versions available: French, English
  • Directors: Julien Lahmi & Ali Benkirane
  • Author: Julien Lahmi
  • Chief Operating Officers: Ali Benkirane & Julien Lahmi
  • Sound engineer: Nicolas Makowski
  • Editing: Ali Benkirane & Julien Lahmi
  • Music: Belle and Sebastian, Pierre Chazal & Florent Richard, Nguyen Thien Dao, Bui Yen Phuong, Ha Thanh
  • Illustration: Caroline Frydlender & Vang Xiong
  • Translation: Nguyen Van Hau & Gabrielle Levy
  • Visa number: 139 390



Vietnam Paradiso - Poster 1131 x 1600



Vietnam Paradiso - DéguisementVietnam Paradiso - Hue petitVietnam Paradiso - Petite Hue - noir et blancVietnam Paradiso - Hanoi - ProjectionVietnam Paradiso - OmbreVietnam Paradiso - Projection dortoir


  • Festival Made in Asia, 2014
  • Festival The child and the 7th art, 2014
  • Donzy National Festival, 2003
  • Les Escales Documentaires, La Rochelle International Documentary Creation Festival, 2002
  • FIPA, International Selective Market of Biarritz, 2002
  • Selective Market of the Thessaloniki Festival, Greece

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