Pousse de Chocolat ©Marion Valadier

Chocolate Bud

  • Directed by Marion VALADIER
  • Times: 54′ and 20′
  • Production: La Camineuse


Chocolate Sprouts is a documentary about an alternative cacao farm located in the south of Bahia, Brazil. Frenchman Harold welcomes volunteers from all around the world. They participate to the farm work (vegetable garden, compost…) and to cacao farming with the native workers (from the harvest to the transformation to chocolate). Together, they produce an organic and fair-trade chocolate.

Technical Summary

  • Authors: Harold Fourneau, Cauê Martins, Marion Valadier
  • Director: Marion Valadier
  • Images and sound: Marion Valadier
  • Editing: Caué Martins
  • Production year: 2013
  • Countries of production: France & Brazil
  • Production: La Camineuse - Marion Valadier
  • Format: HD
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Times: 54 'and 20'
  • ISAN number: 0000-0003-C37C-0000-V-0000-0000-I


Pousse de Chocolat ©Marion ValadierPousse de ChocolatPousse de Chocolat ©Marion ValadierPousse de Chocolat 01 ©Marion ValadierPousse de Chocolat 04 ©Marion ValadierPousse de Chocolat ©MonikaHofer


  • Regards sur le Monde - Rouen - janvier 2014)
  • FIFE - Paris - Février 2014