Les Ondes de Robert - Affiche

Robert’s vibes

  • Directed by : Xavier JOURDIN
  • Duration : 52′
  • Produced by: Docks 66


In the heart of the Ardèche countryside, Robert Episse raises goats, cows, horses, chickens and llamas. Here, no intensive production, but a kind sweetness that respects the rhythm of animals and seasons. In the midst of this nature, Robert has built a world of his own: wooden cabins that offer him more than a habitat, a haven of peace. Robert is not a hermit cut off from the world. Far from it: he likes people and their contact. It is their look and sympathy for his "not like the others" way of life that helps him endure the cold of winter and tame his impatience until the good weather comes back. In his universe of haystacks and junk, Robert asks us: where is the essential? A contemporary humanist tale.

Technical Summary

  • Title: Les Ondes de Robert
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Production year: 2013
  • Country of production: France
  • Duration: 52'
  • HD - 16/9 - color
  • Versions available: french, english
  • Writers: Mélanie Antoine & Xavier Jourdin
  • Director & director of photography: Xavier Jourdin
  • Sound: Mélanie Antoine
  • Editing: Isabelle Collin
  • Calibration: Matthieu Augustin
  • Mixing: Xavier Thibault
  • Production & distribution: DOCKS 66
  • In association with: Télé Grenoble Isère & TV8 Mont Blanc
  • ISAN number : 0000-0003-A282-0000-2-0000-0000-V
  • Visa number : 2014001578 


Les Ondes de Robert - Affiche 450 x 600



Les Ondes de Robert - AfficheOndes de RobertOndes de RobertOndes de RobertOndes de RobertOndes de Robert


  • Jury's price, Festi'vache 2014 - Saint- Martin-en-Haut
  • Public's and jury's prices, Festival Pointdoc 2014
  • Selected at the FIFE - Fife 2014
  • Selected at the festival Rencontres Nature Cinéma 2014

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