Our Team

Violaine Harchin - Docks66After a training in sociology, Violaine wished to confront her interest in human sciences with her passion for documentary films by integrating the Master in Image and Society at the University of Evry. She learned how to put a sociological approach at the service of the images and to manage a documentary film from its very first stage to the broadcast. At the same time, she has directed some personal projects. Violaine got deeply involved into the field of the distribution of films through collectives of cinema, but especially strove to work for production companies of documentaries mainly as in charge of production. For over 6 years, she devoted herself to ICTV Solferino working on
                                                    projects related to international nature.

Likewise Aleksandra also quickly turned to the documentary as a strong professional bias. Her glance takes shape throughout these experiences notably within the Festival DocumentaMadrid, the production companies IMVAL Producciones and AntropoDocus Producciones. It was thus first in Spain first where she developed a specificity determinedly turned to the international field in particular around the Ibero-American documentary. At her return in France, she collaborated with Michel NOLL at ICTV Solferino where she had the opportunity to work on a large diversity of projects, mainly Chinese and Korean.

After studies of cinema at university, Isabelle Collin chooses the field of Editing in which she’s been working for the last fifteen years as Chief Editor. In various production companies, she had the opportunity to work on documentary of history, geopolitics, social issues and discovery, but also documentary series for French and international TVs. Fascinated by the genre, she collaborates as co-author on certain projects.

Strong of these past experiences, the opportunity to develop the production and distribution company, DOC(K)S 66, allows each of her partners today to introduce a new professional stage, and to the whole team, to participate in an adventure which already promises to be fascinating.